Real Cardinals Of The Vatican

Am I the only one who thinks that the myriad problems that the Catholic Church faces would be solved by a reality TV show featuring all the Cardinals who are vying for Pope?  Think about it.  There is more intrigue and backstabbing and double dealing at the Vatican than with any group of Real Housewives.  You have a Pope unprecedentedly resigning.  You have banking scandals.  You have a butler who was selling Vatican secrets.  You have a Cardinal resigning for allegedly ringleading a gay group inside the Vatican.  You have coverups galore.

Let’s face it, the Vatican is already exactly like the Real Housewives in every respect including the fake piety.  This is what happens when you get a group of people who live extremely insular lives and stick them together.  Reality no longer has any meaning.  They simply define their own reality at this point.  Anything can be justified because you’re doing it for the church.

Reality television is a misnomer.  It really should be called unreality television.  And there can be no greater unreality than the Vatican.  I think I need to start a petition drive to get this show made.

One thought on “Real Cardinals Of The Vatican

  1. Eric S

    From this article we learn that the Pope’s fisherman ring will be destroyed. Mount Etna just erupted. I trust this ring will be cast back into the volcano where it was formed.

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