The Bridge Over The River Chicago

Hey, Chicagoans!  You know that one CTA bridge that connects about half a million people from home to their jobs downtown?  Yeah, it’s going to be closing in March for repairs.  Let the quest for the newest -mageddon slogan begin!  I’m trademarking commute-mageddon.

Fear not!  The bridge will only be closed for two separate 9 day periods between early March and early May.  How the heck they’re going to swing that is beyond me.  I’m sure we’ll all just have to guess which days the 9 day periods actually fall on within those two months.  It’s time to play “How Long Will My Commute Be Today!”, everyone’s favorite game where contestants vie to see if they can guess what the CTA has closed on their commute to and from work.  Premiering early March 2013.  Check local listings.