I Slept With Warren Buffett Last Night

More to the point, I dreamt about him.  I really need to get new dreams.

I think I was interviewing to take his place at Berkshire Hathaway.  His secretary brings me into his office.  This wasn’t his normal secretary, but the stereotypical conservatively dressed hot secretary.  Warren Buffett is sitting in a plush lounge chair watching television.  He invites me to sit in another plush lounge chair and I sit down.

He says to me, “I think we can do coffee or tea later, don’t you think?”  And I respond, “That would be fine.”  And then we just…sit there.  The secretary is just standing there looking sexy and waiting for instructions.

An indeterminate, but not insignificant amount of time passes and then Warren asks me, “Would you come with me?  I want to show you something.”  I follow along silently.

He then takes me to his house in Rome, Italy.  This, of course, somehow happens instantly.  He takes me up to the roof of his house which is obviously a heli-pad but disguised nicely by the modern Roman architecture of the building.  The rails along the roof are quite low as a result and Warren shrinks to the size of the rails as he walks along them.

I comment about the wonderful architecture of the few bridges that I see off to one side of the building.  The bridges are quite obviously not Roman bridges.  They were very modern.  Warren then starts asking me about my travels in Rome and I tell him.  Sometime during that telling, I woke up.

I haven’t heard if I got the job yet.

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