Train Etiquette Question

Say you’re sitting on the train reading a really engrossing novel and a woman gets on the train.  The train is crowded now so she stands next to where you’re sitting.  It’s winter, everyone’s got bulky clothes on, the woman included.  In addition, she has what looks to be a baby bump beneath all those layers of clothes.  Here’s the problem; you’re not sure if it actually is a baby bump or not.  Do you offer her your seat and risk potential embarrassment of both her and yourself or do you merrily continue reading your book and allow a potentially pregnant woman to stand?  I did the latter except for the “merrily” part because I spent most of the train ride trying to figure out if she was pregnant or not while not making it obvious that I was trying to figure out if she was pregnant or not.

What would you do?  Discuss.

6 thoughts on “Train Etiquette Question

  1. Osutein

    I’d do the same. I figure unless a woman is obviously pregnant, and usually it’s fairly easy to tell, it’s best to let it go. If she asks for the seat, though, you give it to her. Unless you’re Larry David, in which case you cause an incident and then write a TV episode about it.

  2. Eric S

    Do the following:
    1. Stand up.
    2. Walk to the door.
    3. Pull the red handle.
    4. Jump to street below.

    This is your punishment for using the term “baby bump.”

    Also, politely offer the seat without staring at her pot belly. If she says no thanks, go back to your book.

  3. Chris Studt

    Ignore the possible baby bump lady and stand up to give your seat to the 134 year old lady who’s holding onto the support beam for dear life, for fear that she will fall over and shatter into a thousand pieces. You monster.

  4. Steven Scott

    Ask her when she is due. If she responds, give your seat up and make light conversation. If she looks confused however, continue by saying “yeah, due to walk to the back of the train and away from me fatso.” and smile fiendishly. Note: This isn’t what I would do, just what I think you should do.

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