Democrats Say Stupid Stuff Too

Today’s episode of Democrats Say Stupid Stuff Too is brought to you by Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois.  In his most recent State of the State address, he said the following: “Nobody in Illinois should work 40 hours a week and live in poverty. That’s a principle as old as the Bible.”

I believe it was the fifth commandment.  Thou shall not work forty hours a week and live in poverty.  Or was it the third beatitude?  Blessed are those that work 40 hours a week, they shall not live in poverty.  I forget.

I have to say, it’s kind of refreshing to be writing about a Democrat saying stupid stuff about the Bible.  But that’s what makes the Bible so great.  Anyone can make up any BS you want and point to some obscure passage to validate your point while completely disregarding every contradicting passage.

The sad thing is that Quinn is right.  Nobody should be able to work 40 hours a week and still live in poverty.  That’s not a principle as old as the Bible, though.  It’s a fairly new principle, given our history.  And it has nothing to do with the Bible.  It has everything to do with common decency.

So preach on, Governor Quinn!  Do what you can to reduce massive inequality to mere huge inequality.  But please, leave the Bible quoting to the professionals.  And by professionals, I mean nobody.  Because it’s just a book with some really cool ideals thrown in with a whole bunch of crazy shit.  And just like Satan in the Bible, people tend to quote it as a means to justify their ends.  See?  Even I can do it.

2 thoughts on “Democrats Say Stupid Stuff Too

  1. Steven Scott

    An Illinois Governor say something stupid? Really?

    “it’s a fucking valuable thing, you just don’t give it away for nothing!”

    “Yeah, sure. You need a SS card and you need to take a series of tests to get a Drivers License. Or you could go for our Gold Level Drivers License Package, where you pay me $2000, and I give you a card with whatever name you want on it mister.”

  2. Jaime

    Democrats have always said stupid stuff, it’s just that Republican stuff has been so much stupider in comparison, we forgot about Democratic stupidity.

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