Snot Freezing Weather

Yesterday was cold.  Today is snot freezing weather.  That’s when you step outside and take your first breath of cold air and everything inside your nose freezes.  It’s also when you know you really shouldn’t be outside.

This is really the first snot freezing event we’ve had this winter.  Given that it’s already January 22nd, it’s well overdue.  Not that I’ve missed it.  It looks like tomorrow will still be cold but above snot freezing.  One day isn’t so bad.

We’re still waiting for a major snow event.  We’ve already broken the record for latest 1″ snowfall in a season set in 1899.  Additionally, it’s been 330 days without a snowfall of at least 1″.  One month to go before we’ve officially gone a whole year without an inch of snow.  There’s a small chance of snow on Friday, but other than that the forecast is more of the same.

Something ain’t right folks.  It seems like every other day we’re shattering 100 year weather records.  The time to act is now.