No More Rapescans

Looks like the nude body scanners are going bye bye.  Good riddance.  I have no problem with some stranger seeing my junk, but the things just plain didn’t work.  Wear certain types of clothes and you would have to be aggressively pat down even if the scanner didn’t show anything.  The scanners were also quite easy to fool if you knew how.  Talk about boondoggle.

They are not going away completely, though.  They’re just switching companies.  The new ones will be developed by L3 and have special software that will make the images less nudie.  They’re also supposed to be more effective.  The new ones will also not be x-ray technology so no more worries about radiation poisoning either.  My guess is they found out the radiation levels from the Rapiscan devices were much higher than advertised.

One thought on “No More Rapescans

  1. Steven Scott

    “Don’t worry! We will blur out all nipples and penises, but somehow see more weapons and bombs!” What is this magic technology that sees more and less at the same time? That somehow doesn’t use radiation? Do they just have out of work artists draw caricatures of flyers, and when they draw something that may be dangerous, you go in for a second level pat down?

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