Anything Too Stupid To Be Said Is Posted On The Internet

There is the old quote by Voltaire, “Anything too stupid to be said is sung.”  That needs to be updated to modern times.  I propose, “Anything too stupid to be said is posted on the Internet.”  As supporting evidence to such claim, I offer the following:

Did you know that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened?  That one of the supposedly dead girls was found alive and with President Obama?  That the parents from Sandy Hook look oddly similar to the Aurora shooting victims?  That the principal of the school was interviewed after she supposedly died in the shooting?  Well you are obviously not a Sandy Hook truther!

Holy crap, I feel dirty just reading that article.  I’d probably have to take a scalding hot shower if I decided to follow any of the links to the conspiracy sites themselves.  Who ARE these people?  And how do they function well enough to be able to make it onto the Internet?