From DS9 To Buffy

Continuing my quest to watch TV shows from the 90s that I missed, I am now watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  So far, it’s a little campy but fun. Thankfully, they discontinued the incredibly annoying Buffy fighting action sounds.  Sarah Michelle Geller could not pull them off at all.

At episode five or so, the principal of Sunnydale High School gets eaten by a pack of teenager-hyenas.  These things happen.  Who, to my surprise, shows up as principal number two?  Armin Shimerman!  Better known as Quark from Deep Space Nine.  Seeing him in two different TV shows back to back made me look up his profile on IMDB.  Dude’s been in everything!  I’ve never really recognized him as an individual, though.  He has a very distinct voice and mannerisms, but apparently not memorable voice or mannerisms.

He does a lot of voices for video games as well.  You dorks may remember him as Andrew Ryan from the Bioshock series.  He also voiced characters in the Mass Effect series, Starcraft II, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and God of War II just to name a few.

Now that I know who he is, I’m probably going to see him popping up all over the place.  Kind of like when you buy a new car and suddenly you realize that everyone seems to have the same car as you.