I Have Absolutely No Idea What Is Going On In The World

Today is my last day of staycation.  In the last two weeks, I have pretty much avoided all news.  This has been partially by choice and partially by not wanting to read tens of thousands of words about the “fiscal cliff”.  It was tempting, at times, to visit my favorite blogs and read about the latest stupid coming out of D.C., but every time I got that urge I watched an episode of “Deep Space Nine” instead.

That all ends Monday, though.  It’s back to to the salt mines.  Back to making money.  Back to being informed on current events.  Back to blogging about stuff that actually matters.  In my mind, anyway.

It was a good vacation while it lasted.  As all vacations are.  With a few tweaks, I wouldn’t mind doing it full time.  Real jobs are sooooo overrated.