Have You Ever Written A Song?

I have.  Quite a few actually.  Including one magnum opus.  Alas, it was only in my dreams, though.  It is a very strange sensation writing a song in one’s sleep.  There is this clarity to those dreams that goes well beyond the clarity one normally feels in dream time.

Last night, I wrote a catchy pop song.  The refrain was a refrain that people would find themselves humming as they go about their day.  The verses were poignant and moving.  And the bridge, oh, the bridge!  It was a soaring homage to hope and remembrance.  Ok, there actually wasn’t a bridge that I recall, but since I was getting all melodramatic I thought I’d continue for a while.

Like all dreams, there was this moment of absolute recall as I transitioned from asleep to awake.  And like all dreams, as I bit down into that most succulent looking dish, it turns to ashes in my mouth and all is forgotten.

I have a love/hate relationship with dreams.  Mostly love.  But I hate the losing of the dream.  The greatest invention of all time will be the device that can translate dreams into words and images and sound.  Get cracking neurophysicists!  I have dreams to recall!