Last night, I had one of my recurring dreams.  Well, nightmare really.  I don’t have this dream very often and I have no idea if it actually means anything, but it’s a really interesting experience.  I am probably the only person in the world that enjoys nightmares.

I’m not sure, but there may be a sleep paralysis component to this nightmare.  In it, I am always sleeping in bed when I feel a force holding me down.  When I try to get up, I can only move so much.  I can raise my hands, but only so far before they hit an invisible barrier.  I can push against that barrier with all my might, but it does not budge.  It doesn’t really feel like a barrier, though.  It feels more like a presence.  My cat, Lindy, tries to help me, but she runs into the barrier as well.  I get to see her in some very strange poses in mid air as she fights against the presence.  When I had a dog, he would try and fail to help me against the presence.  The dream continues like this until I wake up.

I also had a dream last night that my mom was part of some elaborate “Ocean’s Eleven” type heist.  I happened to run into her in a parking garage just as she was trying to escape from said heist.  For no good reason, I started running away with her until we ran into the SWAT team at the entrance to the garage.  We then ran back to my car and hid in there.  A SWAT guy with a shotgun noticed us in the car and pushed the car back into a steeply sloping pit that was, for whatever reason, located in the parking garage.  The rest of the dream was me trying to gain control of the car as we’re descending quite quickly down into this pit of the unknown.  Then I wake up.

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