Don’t Let It Snow, Don’t Let It Snow, Don’t Let It Snow

Chicago has already broken a record for the number of days in a row without a measurable snowfall.  We are currently at 281 days and counting.  March 4th, 2012 was the last snowfall.

Not only that, but Dallas has now had a snowfall earlier than Chicago.  This is only the second time that has happened.

Now, we will likely break another record: The latest snowfall of the years.  All we have to do is make it to December 16th.  There is a chance of rain/snow that weekend, so it all depends on how warm it is when the precipitation falls.  It seems a shame to come this far and not break the record.  Kind of like having to turn back when the peak of Everest is in your sights only without the effort or sense of accomplishment.  Or fun…

Chicago has also been much drier than usual this year.  We are currently 10″ below average.  That’s a little over 30% less rain than we usually get.  And when we do get rain, it tends to come in higher accumulation deluges.  The city has noticed this and is starting pilot programs to do something about it.