I used to like John McCain

Prior to 2004, I thought John McCain was a pretty stand-up guy.  Reasonable politician.  War hero.  Sane.

Then, of course, the re-election campaign of George W. Bush happened and all those adjectives I once used to describe him fell, one by one, to the wayside.  I have read many articles since then saying that John McCain was never the person that I once believed him to be and that his image was sculpted to make him look stand-up.  I don’t know if I was just naive or if he actually did change since then, but boy is it disappointing.

The latest episode in “How is John McCain disappointing me now?” comes courtesy of the Benghazi non-troversy.  He has been the most vocal member of the Senate on the need to get information about what happened in Benghazi this past September 11th.  So what do you do when you want more information?  You skip the classified briefing on the issue, of course!  You see, if McCain actually went to the meeting he’d  have to stop complaining that there isn’t enough information about Benghazi.

John McCain has become the archetypic Republican.  White.  Male.  Old.  Angry.  Or maybe that should be stereotypical.  He has turned into (or always has been) a man who doesn’t care about anything except hurting the man who, as far as McCain is concerned, usurped the presidency from the rightful heir.  Him.

Back in 2000, I would have gladly voted for John McCain if he were the Republican candidate.  Now, I’m glad that I never got that chance.  I cannot think of anything worse than a vindictive man as President of the United States.

2 thoughts on “I used to like John McCain

  1. Jean-Paul Post author

    Obviously, it’s hard to say what McCain would have been like compared to GWB, but I really don’t see him making very different choices.

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