Romney team “shell-shocked”?

I find this article baffling.  Either that or the article explains a whole lot.  Romney and Ryan were surprised they lost?  They always had a chance of winning, but it was pretty obvious that chance was slim at best near the end.  Even when they had better odds, they never had more than a 50% chance of winning.  And yet, after losing they’re “shell-shocked”?  If true, the suspension of disbelief in the campaign must have been at astounding levels.  Either that or the Republican war on science had even infected Romney and Ryan.

Although, it would explain why the self-described “numbers guy”, Paul Ryan, can release a budget and claim it will solve all of our country’s budgetary ills when even a cursory look at his numbers shows them to be a sham of the highest level.  For Paul Ryan, 1+1 has always equaled 3.

Romney’s a little more difficult to figure out.  Is it possible that Romney isn’t a numbers guy?  Despite all evidence to the contrary (his business record, etc.), I have to conclude that he isn’t.  My theory would be that Romney has always just been a good manager of people who makes good decisions when surrounded by people who know their stuff.  It’s never been an issue in his business career because people who know how to hire people who know their stuff were hiring the right people.  A national campaign works differently.  There is a whole group-think aspect to the campaign that doesn’t exist in the same way it does in a business.  The result being a bias that leads you to draw people to you that are telling you what you want to hear instead of those that are telling you what you need to hear.  The result being that you make good choices based off of incorrect information.