Wasabi Peas FTW

Oh, Trader Joe-san, why must your wasabi peas taste so good?  I once ate so many wasabi peas that I couldn’t taste anything for three days.  True story.  I guess you can say that I OPed.  Ha!

4 thoughts on “Wasabi Peas FTW

  1. Emily Barney

    This post looks suspiciously Kristen influenced.

    Also, you should play with the JetPack plugin (or equivalent plugins) so people can sign up for updates and share posts with social media and you can get stats!

  2. Jean-Paul Post author

    In that she bought them and that I’m way to lazy to go all the way to Trader Joe’s to buy them, yes, but I discovered them on my own originally so nyah!

    I just installed JetPack. Any other tips you might have, oh blogging guru, I’d like to hear. There are so many choices!

    Oh, and thanks for being my first commenter and my first thread hijacker!

  3. Emily Barney

    Nah, I meant the pun in the text.

    I’d play with your widgets a bit now that you’ve got JetPack installed – you can have the subscribe stuff in your sidebar that way. I take it you’re doing a self-hosted WP install? It gives a lot more flexibility.

  4. Jean-Paul Post author

    I forgot to re-comment on this.

    Ah, yes, the OP comment. I was making puns before Kristin was born.

    Yeah, I’m self-hosted.

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